Networking Hardware on Rent

Servers Provider network offer wide range of  hardware on rent like ,

   Network switch


   Power Distribution Units (PDU)



We only use the latest hardware manufactured by SuperMicro. It is now commonplace to find network speeds of 32GB, 40GB and even 64GB deployed.


Supermicro e3-1270/32GB/1 TB SATA

Storage D3284

Juniper Ex4200-48p Dual power supply ex-um2x4sfp

Supermicro E5-2620/32 GB/1 TB SATA

Supermicro Dua E5-2650/64 GB/1 TB SSD SATA

Juniper Ex4200-48p Dual power supply ex-um2x4sfp​

Dual Band Wireless AC 24000 Router

the best hardware at the best price!